FED Fyle


  • The FED increased interest rates another .25%. The current lending rate is now between 1%-1.25%. [Link]


  • The FOMC announced the FED is not raising interest rates. The FOMC believes the FED will raise interest rates later this year. [Link]


  • The Federal Reserve announced a .25% hike in interest rates. This is the third rate hike since 2006 and rates are now .75-1%. [Link]


  • A member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors resigns in protest because Trump is eyeing deregulation. [Link]


  • Senator Rand Paul and Reparative Thomas Massie introduce Audit the FED bills in both Houses of Congress. [Link]


  • The FED announced a rate hike yesterday. Rates will increase .25% and will now be between .5%-.75%. This is the FED’s first rate hike since last December. [Link]


  • Foreign central banks are selling US treasuries. In the past year, $343.4 billion in US treasuries were sold by foreign countries, mainly Saudi Arabia and China. [Link]


  • Federal Reserve Bank Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, released a report to congress. The report asks congress to make significant changes to banking regulations. Two of the changes are banning banks from investing in non-financial companies and a restricting on banks owning physical assets. [Link]


  • This graph show trouble ahead for the US Economy. When the Federal Reserve Bank prints a lot of money, it creates high stock prices. Those high prices outpace productivity and must eventually come back down to the level of productivity. [Link]


  • With the real economy struggling and the FED unable to lower interest rates, they are looking to use massive stimulus to “accelerate” the economy. The FED member described using Helicopter Money, or just money dumped on the economy, to get it going again. Read Here.