FBI Fyle


  • Trevor Aaronson explains how the FBI attempted to bully a man into becoming an informant. [Link]


  • The family of a young man charged with attempting to bomb an Oklahoma City bank has issued a statement. The family claims their son has paranoid schizophrenia and he was pushed by an FBI informant to commit the crime. [Link]


  • The FBI has released its file on Aaron Swartz. [Link]


  • The FBI arrested a US soldier after he said he supports the Islamic state. The Army warned the FBI the soldier was becoming radicalized in 2012. The soldier’s attorney said the soldier may suffer from war-related mental illness. [Link]


  • A man accused of plotting a terror attack claims he was entrapped by the FBI. The man accused says FBI informants pushed him to buy machine guns. [Link]


  • A member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team was indicted for lying during the investigation into the death of LaVoy Finnicum. [Link]


  • James Comey and Robert Mueller have dark pasts tied to the post 9/11 terror war. [Link]


  • The FBI is dropping charges against a pedophile because the trail will force the FBI to reveal classified information. The pedophile on trial was caught by during an FBI operation. The FBI took over a child pornography website called playpen and ran the website for a few weeks. [Link]


  • The FBI will no longer accept FOIA requests by email. The FBI is setting up a web portal that FOIA requests will go through. The web portal will allow people to only submit one request per day and only request one per submission. [Link]


  • The FBI currently has about 15,000 informants working for them. Documents on how the FBI recruits informants reveals the FBI’s ability to investigate people, without suspicion they have committed any crime, before approaching them to be an informant. [Link]


  • The FBI sought a warrant from the FISA court to spy on members of the Trump Campaign over the summer. The FISA Court rejected the request. [Link]


  • The FBI arrested a Volkswagen executive on charges of defrauding the United States. The charges stem from the emissions cheating scandal that was exposed in 2015. [Link]


  • The FBI used one warrant to hack 8,000 computers in over 120 counties. In 2015, the FBI seized and operated the child pornography site, Playpen. The FBI hacked the computers by installing malware on the computers of users who visited the child pornography site.  At least 14 courts found that the warrant was not in accordance with the law. [Link]


  • The FBI has hired Dataminr to search for illegal activity on Twitter. Dataminr can search through Twitter data in near real time with customizable filters. [Link]


  • The FBI received a judge’s permission to run 23 child pornography websites. The FBI was previously exposed for operating a child pornography site for two weeks.  [Link]


  • An Israeli company, Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization, gets contracted by the FBI to hack into phones. [Link]


  • The FBI is using people digital footprints to uncover and track potential terrorists. [Link]


  • The FBI has a facial recognition data base of 117 million Americans. The FBI and about 25% of American police departments can use the database to track and identify Americans. [Link]
  • Judge Napolitano exposes potential bribery crimes between the State Departments in FBI. The FBI may have changed classification of documents to protect Hillary Clinton. [Link]


  •  The FBI operates a child pornography website for two weeks. The FBI ran the site as a form of a sting operation in order to catch frequent visitors to the site. The FBI ran the site so efficiently that it actually increased traffic on the site form 11,000  to 50,000 daily visitors. The FBI is facing some ethical questions, as they actually distributed child pornorgrapy. [Link]


  • The FBI reports that hackers were able to access the election database of two different states. It is believed that the Illinois and Arizona election databases were hacked. This put the personal information of 200,000 voter at risk. [Link]


  • A young mentally ill man was arrested on terror charges. Mahin Kahn, who is now 18, was put into contact with an FBI informant. The informant got Kahn to agree to provide support to terrorism. Kahn has been describbed as having the mental state of a 6 year old and he was contacted by the FBI informant who got Kahn to agree to provide support to the terrorist. [Link]


  • The FBI is using a 21 year old computer system to avoid giving American’s their legal right to government records. Read Here.