China Fyle


  • Chinese and Indian troops engaged in border fighting. [Link]


  • China has deployed troops to its first military base over seas. The base is in Djibouti and will house 1,000 troops. [Link]


  • China demands the US stop the $1.4 billion weapons sale to Taiwan. [Link]


  • A US surveillanceĀ plane had an unsafe encounter with two Chinese fighters about 200 miles Southeast of Hong Kong. [Link]


  • The Chinese state media reports that China’s military will build six new aircraft carriers and open ten new military bases. [Link]


  • China is deploying anti-radar countermeasures to combat the new missile defense system deployed in South Korea. China fears the US buildup of anti-missile defense systems throughout the Asia Pacific. [Link]


  • Five of Beijing’s districts plan to put population caps in place in the next five years. [Link]


  • President Obama blocks the sale of a German semiconductor company to a Chinese company. Obama was able to stop the sale of all American-owned shares in the company on national security grounds. [Link]


  • China requires all residents of the Xinjiang Providence to surrender their passports. This will require millions to turn in their passports. [Link]


  • China will give military training and weapons to Syrian President Assad. This is a change in Chinese policy, as China typically stays out of Middle Eastern affairs. [Link]


  • China and Russia have announced they will hold joint military drills in the South China Sea. The Sea is currently being contested in court, so the military drills will likely create concern and tension with The West. [Link]


  • China is asking India to back off. The Indian Government recently moved 100 tanks onto its border with China. China and India have ongoing border disputes. These disputes have been ongoing and the countries are continuing to work through an arbitration process. The Indians report that the tanks were a response to Chinese troop increases from 60,000 to 80,000 troops. This move irked Chinese investors, who are now pulling out of India. [Link]