Bernie Loves Bailouts

Bernie Sanders is a bailout loving crony and we explain why on this podcast. The economic and moral fallout from wealth redistribution is destroying this  country, We need to end debt and elect politicians who can stand up to the bailout lovers.


Watch here —–>>>> Podcast 5/15

Handful of Studs

On yesterdays podcast, Handful of Studs Fighting Tyranny took on some hot button issues. We tackled the GA and NC discrimination legislation, forced unionism, America’s insane foreign policy, and put the FBI V Apple issue to bed.

We also had a slight name change. We are now Handful of Studs Fighting Tyranny.

You can listen to the show here ——->>>> Handful of Studs

The New Podcast!


I have been busy with work this past month and have not had time to post. Over the next few weeks I hope to post an article each week, so look forward to new content soon!

I started on a new project yesterday, Bunch of Studs Fighting Tyranny. I joined a few friends on the podcast for the first time. We talked anit-discrimination legislation, Apple V FBI, and to a live caller.

Check it out!! —–>>>  Bunch of Studs Fighting Tyranny