Weekly Freedom File 2/3/17

On this week’s Weekly Freedom File I discuss the Syria and our Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn. 


Show Notes


  • Immigration
    • Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration [Link] 
    • Some refugees will be granted waivers [Link] 
    • Trump fires Sally Yates [Link]
    • Some travelers detained at airports without access to lawyers [Link]
  • Chao approved as Transportation Secretary [Link] 
  • SCOTUS pick Gorsuch [Link] 
  • Trump’s Foreign Policy moves
    • 8 year old American killed in Yemeni raid [Link] 
    • US conducts raid in Yemen [Link] 
    • Trump is edging towards war with Iran [Link] 
    • Trump looks to set up safe zone [Link]
  • Trump’s executive order on regulations [Link] 


  • Russia bombs ISIS at Deir Ezzor [Link] 
  • US gives Kurds armored vehicles [Link]  
  • Rebel group withdraws from cease fire [Link] 
  • Groups join together under al-Qaeda banner [Link] 
  • Fighting between rebel groups [Link]


Weekly Freedom File 1/25/17

On this week’s Weekly Freedom File I discuss the EPA and Trump’s first days in office with the show’s host Kenn. 

Show Notes

EPA denies damage claims [Link]

Trump updates

  • Trump tweets about sending Feds into Chicago [Link] 
  • Trump signs Executive Orders for pipelines [Link]
  • Nikki Haley confirmed to be Ambassador to UN [Link] 
  • Trump asks Comey to stay at FBI [Link] 
  • Trump reinstates the Mexico City Rule [Link] 
  • Mike Pompeo confirmed as CIA Director [Link]
    • Pompeo suggests he’s open to waterboarding [Link] 
  • Trump withdraws from TPP negotiations [Link]
  • Trump’s airstrikes on his first weekend [Link] 
  • Mattis confirmed as Secretary of Defence and Kelly confirmed to head the Department of Homeland Security [Link] 
  • Trump’s action on housing [Link] 
  • Trumps takes executive action on Obamacare [Link] 
  • GOOD NEWS Trump puts a freeze on some employee hiring [Link]


Weekly Freedom File 1.20.17

On this week’s Weekly Freedom File I discuss NATO, Chelsea Manning, and Obamacare repeal with the show’s host Kenn. 


Show Notes


Obamacare repeal

  • Primal Perscription [Link]
  • Who will lose insurance if Obamacare is repealed [Link]
  • Doctors will not accept Medicare patients [Link]
  • Cost to bring new drug to Market [Link]
  • Budget resolution [Link]

Chelsea Manning [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 1/11/17

On this week’s Weekly Freedom File I discuss the DNI report on Russian “hacking, Yemen, and Trump’s plan for the Intelligence Community with the show’s host Kenn. 


Show Notes

Russian “Hacking” Report

  • The DNI Hacking Report [Link]
  • Marcy Wheeler’s response to the report [Link] 
  • Robert Perry responds to the report [Link] 
  • Sam Briddle response to the report [Link] 
  • Lara-Murphy Show response to the report [Link]
  • John MacAfee breaks down the Russian hacking issue [Link]
  • Ray McGovern and William Binney give their thoughts on the hacking issue [Link]
  • Obama adds more Sanctions on Russia [Link] 
  • US deploys more troops in Europe [Link] 
  • The US conducts more war games in Europe [Link] 


  • Saudi Arabia bombs a Yemeni school [Link]
  • Fighting in Yemen along the Red Sea [Link]

Trump’s plan to cut intelligence agencies [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 1/3/17

On the first Weekly Freedom File of the new year Kenn and I talk about Syria, Washington Post fake news, Police Killings, and a DUII given to a man in a motorized wheelchair. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN



  • Russia and Turkey get along in Syria [Link] 
  • Reports of violations of the ceasefire [Link] 
  • Arguments over al-Nusra [Link] 
  • Rebels withdraw from peace talks [Link]

Fake news that Russia hacked the power grid [Link]

Obama puts sanctions on Russia [Link] 

Police killings in 2016 [Link] 

Good News – DUII conviction of man in wheel chair overturned [Link]