Weekly Freedom File 4.9.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss Lockheed Martin, Venezuela, sanctuary cities, and give the Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn. 

The F-35 cannot shoot moving targets. Lockheed Martin will not fix the problem with the F-35 but will equip a new laser guided missile to the F-35 that can hit moving targets. [Link]

The US government awarded Lockheed Martin a $27 billion contract for 200 helicopters. [Link]

The former Director of Test and Evaluation for the US military has released a report on the F-35. The report fails the F-35 in several categories. [Link]

Venezuela’s Congress has been dissolved by the high court, making Maduro a dictator. [Link]

Seattle is suing the federal government for threatening to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities. [Link]


  • Gorsuch confirmed [Link]
  • Trump removed Bannon from the National Security Council. [Link]
  • Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice looked into intelligence reports on Trump team members. Rice accessed the reports during the last seven months of Obama’s term. [Link]

Good News

  • States that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a 25% decrease in opioid-related deaths. [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 3.29.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, Kenn and I are joined by Liam Cardenas. We discuss French elections, parental rights, vaccines, and the Trumpdates.

Liam’s website Ljc.io

Can France’s Le Pen win her election? [Link] 

Parents lose one of their children to Child Protective Services after the parents disagreed with the school mental health assessment of the child. The parents have completed and passed all court ordered evaluations. The parents still do not have their child back at home. [Link]

Gardasil Vaccine may cause paralysis. [Link]


  • Jeff Sessions announced that he will look to strip funding from sanctuary cities. [Link]
  • Trump issues the permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. [Link]
  • Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary,  Alexander Acosta, was a district attorney in Miami and gave a very lenient plea deal to Jeffery Epstein. Under the plea deal, Epstein was given 13 months in prison but was allowed to work from home during the day. Epstein was required to register as a sex offender. Epstein was accused of trafficking underage girls and having sex with them. [Link]

Good/Funny news story of the

  • Trump gave Merkel a $375 billion bill that he printed out himself. The bill was for defense services NATO provided to Germany. [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 3/26/17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss bad court decisions, stupid things Republicans say, RINOcare, and Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn. 

Show Notes

A Minnesota judge issued a search warrant that requires Google to give the information of anyone who searched the name of a man who’s picture was used to commit a crime. [Link]

Dumb things Republicans say

  • McCain
    • On the Senate floor, John McCain accuses Rand Paul of working for Putin. [Link]
    • Doug Bandow makes a case for not allowing Montenegro into NATO. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley
    • Haley says the US will not engage in talks with North Korea. Haley wants China and Russia to talk to North Korea about North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. [Link]
  • Tillerson
    • Rex said the diplomacy with North Korea has failed and that the US needs a new approach. [Link]
    • Tillerson asks the Senate to confirm Montenegro as a NATO member country. [Link]

The US has 200,000 troops deployed outside of the US. [Link]

A police officer who murdered a man will not face civil litigation for murdering the man. The 11th Circuit Court granted the officer qualified immunity because he murdered the man while on the job. [Link]

  • Trumpdate
    • A federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump’s second travel ban. [Link]
    • Electronic devices other than phones and medical devices will be prohibited from being carried onto flights to the US from ten Middle East airports. [Link]

The Federal Reserve announced a .25% hike in interest rates. This is the third rate hike since 2006 and rates are now .75-1%. [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 3.16.17

On this WFF, I discuss illegal searches, death penalty, torture, and the Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn.

Show Notes

Border agents are more frequently searching traveler’s phones as they enter the US. Many of these travelers are American citizens. Border agents will demand that travelers unlock their phones if they are password protected. Border agents searched less than 5,000 phones in 2015, they searched 25,000 in 2016, and searched over 5,000 phones in February of 2017. [Link]


Arkansas plans to execute eight death row inmates in a ten-day stretch in April. The state is rushing to carry out executions because the state’s supply of the lethal injection drug is expiring soon. [Link]

A man died in Milwaukee county jail of dehydration. Fellow inmates report they heard the man cry for water for days before he died. The prison admits they had turned off water to his cell. The family of the dead man believes he was tortured and they are suing the prison. [Link]

Two men who were a part of the protests at an Oregon wildlife refuge have been convicted of conspiring to prevent federal workers from doing their jobs. [Link]


  • The White House has ordered the State Department to look for up to a 50% cut to the funding the US gives to the UN. The US currently spends $10 billion to fund the UN each year. [Link]
  • Jeff Sessions says that he thinks enemy combatants captured in the future should be sent to Gitmo. [Link]

Good News – Rand Paul has introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act in the Senate. Rep, Tulsi Gabbard has introduced a similar bill in the House. If signed into law, this bill would prevent the US from arming Syrian rebel group who give their weapons to al-Qaeda/ISIS or are controlled by al-Qaeda/ISIS. [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 3.8.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss the Wikileaks dump, the GOP Obamacare replacement, JASTA, the fallout from the Philadelphia soda tax, homeschool rights, and give the Trumpdates with the shows shot Kenn. We are joined by special guest Shannon Ash this week. 

Show Notes

Wikileaks Dump [Link]

GOP Obamacare replaement [Link]

JASTA [Link]

Philadelphia Soda tax [Link]

Homeschool mother loses her children [Link]


  • New Travel ban [Link]
  • Trump claims he was wiretapped by Obama [Link]

Foreign Policy Focus #10 – Making Trump a Russia Hawk

On FPF #10, I discuss how the Neocons, Democrats, and Mainstream Media are pushing Trump into becoming a hawk on Russia. I break down the fake news stories about Trump/Russia relations, the made up Russian hacking scandal, and how the Russia-gate narrative is just media clickbait. I update listeners on Trump’s expanding war in Yemen, the Mosul invasion, chaos in Syria, and Trump’s first drone strike in Pakistan. 



NATO and Russian officials have high level talks. [Link]

Russia-gate pushing Trump tp be more hawkish on Russia. [Link]

Officials say that Trump is no longer looking to make deals with Russia. [Link]

Trump plans to expand counterterrorism war in Yemen. [Link]

Civilians injured by US strikes in Yemen. [Link]

Media lies about US intervention in Yemen. [Link]

What will happen in Mosul as ISIS is defeated. [Link]

The Mosul invasion is creating 10,000 displaced people each day. [Link]

Fighting between Iraqi Kurdish groups. [Link]

Civilians killed in ISIS war. [Link]

Syrian plane shot down by rebels. [Link]

Kurds claim road between Deir Ezzor and Raqqa. [Link]

Syrian plane crashes in Russia. [Link]

Trump’s first drone strike in Pakistan. [Link]


Weekly Freedom File 3.1.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss Iraq, bad regulations, a new policy in Maine, give the Trumpdates with the show’s host Kenn. 

Show Notes


  • Trump plans a $54 billion defense spending increase [Link]
  • Trump will look for a 37% cut to State Department [Link]
  • Trump will drop the federal government’s challenge to Texas voter ID law [Link]
  • Haley pushes for Sanction on Syria at the UN [Link]
  • Trump’s pick for Secretary of Navy withdraws his name [Link]
  • Federal government will crack down on pot laws in states where it is legalized [Link]
  • Trump’s ties to private prisons [Link] [Link]

Bar owner fined/faces jail time for buying liquor the wrong way [Link]

Maine’s new Food Stamp policy [Link]

News From Iraq

Good News Story – USPS finds lost package [Link]


Weekly Freedom File 2.22.17

On the Weekly Freedom File, I discuss the CIA spying on French political parties, Venezuela, US/Russian relation, and the Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn. 

Articles discusssed

CIA spied on French political parties [Link]

Venezuelans lose weight because commie [Link]

US/Russia relations [Link]

Invasion of West Mosul begins [Link]


  • New DHS order on illegal immigration [Link]
  • Canadian man denied entry into the US [Link]
  • Immigration agents pose as local police to get info on immigrants [Link]
  • Customs agents detain American citizen until he gives phone passwords [Link]
  • Trump picks McMaster to replace Flynn [Link] 
  • Pruitt confirmed as EPA head [Link]
  • Mulvaney confirmed as OMB [Link]

Texas DA decriminalizes pot [Link]

AZ gov asks board to drop investigation into man who gave free haircuts to homeless [Link]


Weekly Freedom File 2.15.17

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss Regulations, Taxation, and our Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn.



Show Notes

  • Trumpdates
    • Flynn resigns as NSA [Link]
    • Mnuchin confirmed as Treasury Secretary [Link]
    • Price confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary [Link]
    • Sessions confirmed as Attorney General [Link]
    • Trump passes on Abrams for deputy Secretary of State [Link]
    • Trump will not move US Embassy in Israel [Link]
    • Trump critical of Israeli settlements [Link]
    • Trump approves of one China policy [Link]
    • Immigration raid arrests several hundred [Link] [Link]
    • Trump signs three executive orders on public safety [Link]
    • Costs and timeline for Trump’s border wall [Link]
    • Trump approves of civil asset forfeiture [Link]
    • TSA agents run cocaine smuggling operation [Link]
    • The IRS will not require people to fill out line 61 – Good News [Link]
  • Regulations
    • Indiana town fines poor people to get them to leave their homes [Link]
    • Man under investigation for giving free haircuts to homeless [Link]
  • Over $1 trillion taxes collected in Q1 [Link]

Weekly Freedom File 2.7.2017

On this Weekly Freedom File, I discuss the Ukraine, entangling alliances, 4th Amendment issues and our Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn and our guest Kim Schjang.

Show Notes


  • Travel ban blocked by judge [Link] 
  • Stay of Ruling on travel ban denied [Link]  
  • Trump will target deporting illegal immigrants in detention centers over deporting families [Link]
  • Trump’s executive order on Dodd-Frank and fiduciary rule [Link] 

4th Amendment

  • The city of Chicago to put Microphones around city [Link]
  • Kim’s article on Gorsuch [Link]
  • Goggles fight against the US government [Link]

The US has alliances with over 50 countries [Link] 


  • Fighting restarted likely by the Ukraine government [Link] 
  • McCain and Graham commit treason [Link]