Afghanistan Fyle


  • 140 Afghani soldiers have been killed in a Taliban suicide attack on an Afghani military base. [Link]


  • US ground troops are fighting ISIS near the site where the MOAB was dropped. [Link]


  • Around 300 Marines will arrive in the Helmond Province of Afghanistan at the end of the month. The Afghani army has been unable to stop the Taliban from advancing in the province. [Link]


  • Military officials say that they did not need Trump’s approval to use the MOAB in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The US claims to have killed 36 ISIS fighters with the MOAB strike. [Link]


  • The US used its largest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS target in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. This is the first time the weapons has been used. [Link]


  • A US soldier was killed fighting ISIS in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • In Afghanistan, US troops destroyed a cache of Taliban weapons. When the troops blew up the weapons, it created an explosion that killed nine civilians. [Link]


  • The Sangin District in the Helmond Province has been taken by the Taliban. The district is key to holding the province. Since 2001, more Marines have died fighting in that district than any other in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • The Afghan government would like more US troops sent to Afghanistan. [Link]


  • An Afghan soldier shot and wounded three US soldiers. It is being reported that the attack was not intentional and that the Afghan soldier accidently shot the US soldiers. [Link]


  • The Taliban kill eight Afghan police officer by infiltrating a member of the Taliban into the Afghan police. The Tablian have carried out several attacks against the Afghan police with this method. [Link]


  • Gunmen attacked a Kabul hospital killing 30 people and wounding 50. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack. [Link]


  • 23% of Afghanistan’s workforce was unemployed in 2013-14. This is triple the number from 2011-12. [Link]


  • The Taliban attack two government targets in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. The attack has killed at least one person and injured 35 others. [Link]


  • In Northern Afghanistan, Islamic State fighters ambushed and killed ten Afghani policemen and the wife of the police commander. [Link]


  • ISIS killed 17 Afghani troops by overrunning security posts in the Nangarhar Providence. This comes a week after the Afghani government announced it was starting an offensive against ISIS in the Nangarhar Providence. [Link]


  • US airstrikes in the Helmond Providence of Afghanistan kills 22 civilians. The airstrikes that occurred last week, killed mostly women and children. [Link]
  • The Afghani military is starting a new operation to eliminate ISIS from the Nangarhar Providence. The operation will have support from the US military. This is the fourth operation to eliminate ISIS from the Nangarhar Providence. [Link]


  • The US government spent $41.2 million on land reform programs in Afghanistan. The programs were meant to help show land ownership in Afghanistan. USAID did not follow through with the program correctly and now 100,000s of Afghani are unable to reclaim their lands. [Link]


  • The top US commander in Afghanistan says he is a few thousand troops short of being able to break the stalemate with the Taliban. [Link]


  • The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacked on the Afghan Supreme Court building. [Link]


  • A suicide bomber in Afghanistan kills 21 people outside of the Afghan Supreme Court building. It is unknown what group is responsible for the attack. [Link]


  • 923 children were killed by war in Afghanistan in 2016. This is a 25% increase in the number of children killed in 2015. [Link]
  • 3,498 civilians were killed by war in Afghanistan in 2016. An additional 7,920 were wounded by fighting. [Link]


  • 8 Afghan police were killed in an attack carried out by someone posing as Afghan police. [Link]


  • A new report shows that the Afghan government only controls 57% of the country. The government controlled 71% of the country a year ago. [Link]


  • The Pentagon confirms that a November airstrike killed 33 civilians. Afghan troops called in the airstrike after receiving advice from US troops to do so. Afghan troops were fighting The Taliban at the time. [Link]


  • Suicide bombings across three Afghan cities kills at least 56 people. [Link]


  • 200 NATO troops will deploy to the Farah Providence in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • US Marines are being sent back into the Helmond Providence in Afghanistan. The Marines left the Providence as a part of the American drawdown of forces in Afghanistan two years ago. The Tablian now control most of the Providence, including the capital. [Link]


  • The Afghan government is funding strongman militias that extort money from civilians, torture, murder, and target local government officials. The US government is ignoring the Afghan government giving money to these militias. [Link]


  • The Taliban kill 8 people in an attack on the home of an Afghani Member of Parliment. The MP was not killed, but two of his grandchildren were killed. [Link]


  • Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter visits Afghanistan and reconfirms the US will continue to be involved in the country. The US currently has about 10,000 troops in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • A US soldier dies from wounds he received in November when a suicide bomber attacked US soldiers in Afghanistan. He is the 9th US soldier to die in Afghanistan this year. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban are seen as a way to contain Iran. [Link]


  • In Afghanistan, the Tablian kill 23 civilians in the Kandahar Providence as revenge for Afghan police killing several Tablian fighters. [Link]


  • Last month, the Taliban seized weapons the US gave to the Afghan army. [Link]


  • The Pentagon proposes a plan to spend $814 million for the US to buy new helicopters for the Afghanistan Air Force. The Afghan Air Force is currently using US-purchased Russian helicopters. Legal barriers are preventing the US from being able to buy the Afghan Air Force replacement parts and helicopters. [Link]


  • An Islamic State suicide bomber kills at least 32 at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. [Link]


  • The International Criminal Court find in a preliminary probe that the US likely committed war crimes in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • The man who killed 4 people inside of a US military base in Afghanistan was employed there and was also an ex-member of the Taliban. [Link]


  • At least four have been killed by a suicide bomber inside of a US base in Afghanistan. The Taliban are claiming responsibility for the attack. [Link]


  • At least four have been killed in a Taliban attack on a German Consulate in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • At least 30 civilians, including children, were killed by NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • 2 US service members were killed during operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • A new report from the Inspector General in Afghanistan shows that the Afghan government lost control over an additional 2% of the country between May and August. The government now controls 63.4% of the country. [Link]


  • ISIS kidnaps and kills between 30-42 in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • US General claims that ISIS is attempting to start a caliphate in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • 2 Americans are killed and 3 more wounded at Camp Morehead in Afghanistan. The attacker was wearing an Afghan military uniform. [Link]


  • Fighting for the Helmand Providence continues in Afghanistan. The Afghan government is claiming its killed over 100 Taliban fighters with assistance from US airstrikes. [Link]


  • ISIS bombs a Shi’ite mosque in Afghanistan, killing 14. [Link]
  • 100 Afghan police are killed by the Taliban in a single incident. The Taliban are moving closer to the capital of the Helmand Providence. [Link]
  • Afghan police are struggling keep members in their ranks. Low moral, desertion, injuries, and death are depleting the ranks of the Afghan police. They are struggling with recruiting new members. In August, Afghan police saw a new reduction of 650 members. [Link]


  • US taxpayers have spend nearly $15 million over the course of 5 years to build a hospital in Afghanistan that is still mostly incomplete. [Link]
  • In Afghanistan capital, 13 worshipers and 1 Afghan police officer was killed on an attack on a shrine. [Link]


  • The Taliban continue to take ground in Afghanistan. Taliban fighters used a car bomb against police, that killed 15, to advance on the Helmand Providence. The Taliban are close to taking the important Helmand and Kunduz Providences. [Link]


  • The US war in Afghanistan turned 15 last week. It is Americas longest war in history. The US still has over 10,000 troops in Afghanistan and several thousand contraction operating in the country. Over 3,300 Americans have died and over 20,000 have been injured. Afghanistan is now the largest heroin producer. [Link] [Link]


  • The Afghanistan military is employing tens of thousands of soldiers that do not exist. Military leaders sign up recruits that only collect one check, then those military leaders collect those check for years to come. US taxpayers are paying the salaries the Afghan military. [Link]


  • The Taliban were able to briefly retake the city of Kunduz, Afghanistan. The city is a major Northern city and is the capital of the providence. The Pentagon says US troops are ready to assist in retaking the city. [Link] Afghan forces were able to expel Taliban fighter from the center of the city. [Link]
  • A US solider member has been killed in Afghanistan. The solider was involved in operations against ISIS when killed by an IED. This is the 7th US solider to die in Afghanistan this year. [Link]


  • At least 6 have been killed in a bombing at an Afghanistan market. [Link]


  • 13 civilians were killed in Afghanistan by a US drone strike. [Link]


  • IS in Afghanistan retake key stronghold in a providence on the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. IS retreated from these position weeks ago, as US drone strikes killed IS leadership. [Link]


  • The US government has tried to continue the narrative that US troops in Afghanistan are in non combat roles. However, US troops are embedded with the Afghan forces on the front lines and are fighting in about 10% of battles. [Link]


  • In Afghanistan, US warplanes accidently kill 8 Afghan police officers they were providing support for. The Afghan Police were fighting The Taliban who continue to advance towards taking another providence of Afghanistan. [Link]


  • Inspector General report finds that the US mission in Afghanistan was undermined by corruption. The report finds that US aid given to Afghanistan was responsible for the corruption. The US often gave more in annual aid than Afghanistan’s entire GDP. [Link]
  • The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the US over $12 trillion dollars. [Link]


  • The Afghan Government now only controls about 2/3 of the land area in the country. A map lays out who controls what in the country. [Link]


  • 12 killed in attack on American University in Afghanistan. The attackers used explosives and guns. At least two attackers have been killed. [Link]
  • The US has given away nearly 1.5 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US only knows where about half of those guns are now. [Link]


  • US soldier is killed in Afghanistan by an IED. He was in a “training” role at the time he was killed. [Link]


  • 100 new US troops will be deployed in Afghanistan to stop Taliban gains. The Taliban have nearly taken the key southern providence of Helmand. US troops will likely be in combat roles to try to prevent this Taliban take over. [Link]


  • The US has 30,000 mercenaries stationed in Afghanistan. Nearly 20,000 are not Americans. [Link]


  • ISIS is gaining ground in Afghanistan. ISIS is establishing a foothold in the Zabul providence of Afghanistan. Many of the ISIS fighters are from Pakistan. Reports are that this branch of ISIS is well funded. [Link]


  • The Taliban are nearing capturing a key providence in Afghanistan. The Helmand providence is a central point for the large opium industry in Afghanistan. After 15 years of US warfare in Afghanistan, things are looking worse than ever. [Link]


  • ISIS captures US Special Forces weapons in Afghanistan. The weapons were abandoned after US fighters came under fire from militants. [Link]


  • After Obama changed the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, US airstrikes in the country have hit new highs for the past three years. The Taliban continues to gain ground and it appears the airstrikes are having no positive effects. With airwar, there is always the risk of blowing up innocent people and creating more terrorist than existed before. [Link]


  • UN reports that the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse not better. So far in 2016, over 1,600 civilians have been killed. Nearly 400 of those killed were children. Since 2014, the trend in Afghanistan has been more civilian deaths, with 2016 on pace to set a record. The US has now been waging for 15 years. [Link]


  • US intervention in Afghanistan is paving the way for ISIS. ISIS continues to make gains in country, even after US troop increases. [Link]


  • Over 80 dies in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. The attack occurred in Kabul, the Afgan capital. A Shi’ite minority, Hazara, were protesting in the capital when three ISIS bombers attacked. Two were about to detonate their bomb, and the third was shot by police. [Link]


  • US Military changes rules of engagement in Afghanistan to allow for a new war in the country to begin. This occurred without a declaration of war. Read Here.


  • NATO commits to spend more US blood and coin in Afghanistan. After 15 years of US intervention in the country, US politicians are telling us its too late to leave now. Ron Paul says that we need to stop because we are headed for a cliff. Read Here.


  • Obama will not remove troops from Afghanistan and fails to come though on another of his campaign promises. Read Here.