Todays News 8/15/16

  • US Swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Ryan Lochte says that men posing as cops pulled them over and robbed them at gunpoint. [Link]
  • US intelligence analysts are reporting that Military Central Command “distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered analytic products” to give the public a more positive image of the war against ISIS. Nearly half of intelligence officials say they face evidence being suppressed or distorted in the past year. The America people are being lied into continuing the war against ISIS. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • ISIS is gaining ground in Afghanistan. ISIS is establishing a foothold in the Zabul providence of Afghanistan. Many of the ISIS fighters are from Pakistan. Reports are that this branch of ISIS is well funded. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • West Syria has turned into a stalemate. With so many forces from outside Syria acting inside the country it creates a situation where no side can get enough power to hold key positions. Syrian President Assad called upon Russia, Hezbollah, and Shi’ite Militants to help him take key positions around the city of Aleppo. Once the ground was taken, Al-Nusra fighters, with assistance from the Gulf Arab State, were able to retake the positions. Civilian casualties continue to pile up as world leaders continue to play chess in Syria. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The West is being secretly socialized. In Japan, the Bank of Japan will be the top shareholder of 55 Japanese countries. Central banks across The West are gaining more control over the means of production, mostly through quantitative easing programs. The central banks are printing money and using they money to buy stocks. This has also had the effect of keeping stock prices high. [Link]

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