Todays News 7/13/16

  • The South China Sea has been an area of rising tensions over the past decade. Many countries are claiming rights or suing other countries for claiming rights to the waters. America has moved several ships to the area and has backed the Anti-China claims to the sea. A court ruled against the Chinese claims.  Read Here.
  • US Military changes rules of engagement in Afghanistan to allow for a new war in the country to begin. This occurred without a declaration of war. Read Here.
  • The White House wants to increase coordination with Russia in Syria. Kerry will head to Russia this week to try to plan a method for the US and Russia to work together to defeat the terrorists in Syria. The Pentagon is pushing back because Russia is more interested in bombing allies of Al Qaeda than overthrowing Assad. Read Here.
  • A report published by the UK Parliament show that US allies were funding ISIS. Saudi Arabia was one of the states listed, and the report even indicated that members of the Royal Family made have made donations to the most feared terror group. Read Here.
  • Former National Guardsman is now facing charges for terrorism. The young man was contacted by an FBI informant and never had contact with any real terrorists. The family claims the informant took on a mentoring role for the young man than asked him to provide money to ISIS. Read Here.

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