News Roundup 2/6/18

  • Immigration agents have started ‘collateral arrests’. Collateral arrests involve arresting everyone at a location, not just the person with a deportation order. [Link]
  • The Dow Jones drops 1,150 points. [Link]
  • An audit reveals that the Pentagon Logistics Agency lost track of $800 million. [Link]
  • A look into the growing Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine. [Link]
  • Mehdi Hasan explains how the US coup in Iran led to blowback. [Link]
  • Israel began issuing deportation notices to African migrants. [Link]
  • Child trafficking is being weaponized in South Sudan. [Link]
  • 26 people were killed in two drone strikes in Afghanistan. Officials claim all those killed were Taliban. The second strike hit the site of the first strike an hour later. [Link]
  • An Iraqi official says the US will begin reducing troop numbers in Iraq.  [Link]
  • Eric Margolis talks about the madhouse in Syria. [Link]

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