News Roundup 12/28/17

  • Scott Ritter exposes Nikki Haley’s lies about Iran supplying Houthi with weapons. [Link]
  • Ben Shapiro says its time to defund the UN. [Link]
  • The US announced it would reduce its contribution to the UN by $285 million in 2018. [Link]
  • Thomas Harrington explains how the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of Catalonia’s independence movement reveals their bias towards the order of the West. Harrington also breaks down the December 21st elections. [Link] Spain Fyle
  • The Trump administration announced the US will begin shipping weapons to Ukraine. The weapons sales will include Javelin anti-tank missiles. [Link] Ukraine Fyle
  • Turkey’s president Erdogan calls Syrian president Assad a terrorist. [Link] Turkey Fyle
  • ISIS-K terrorists in Afghanistan carry out an attack on a Shia cultural center killing at least 41. Also, six children were killed by a roadside landmine. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle

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