Foreign Policy Focus #11 The US War on Children

On FPF #11, I discuss the US Drone war in Yemen, the arming of jihadist in Syria, and regime change in Libya. I explain how these interventions severely harmed the children who live in those countries by inflicting them with serious mental illnesses. An entire generation will suffer lifelong consequences from the US War on Terror. I also give updates on the travel ban, Wikileaks, Syria, and North Korea. 



Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen [Link]

Mental health crisis among Syria’s children a living nightmare: Save the Children [Link]

Drone strikes up 400% under Trump [Link]

Wikileaks opens vault 7 [Link]

China offers US/North Korea a deal to ease tensions [Link]

US Drone kills 2 Yemeni children [Link]

Trump reinstates the travel ban [Link]

Former Gitmo detainee killed in Yemen [Link]

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