Todays News 6/29/16

  • The heroic congressman, Thomas Massie, is working hard to pass a bill that would remove the US from the United Nations. The United Nations is a waste of US tax payer money, US taxpayers send 8 billion to the US annually. The UN recently took Saudi Arabia took Saudi Arabia off of the list of countries that bomb children, not because the allegations were untrue, but because Saudi Arabia blackmailed the UN. Read about Massie’s fight here.
  • David Stockman analyzes what we learned from the Brexit. He believes that the Brexit shows that people are ready to stand up to the finical elites. Read Here.
  • The UK is trying to undo the Brexit vote. The UK establishment politicians believe they can strike a deal with the EU and hold another vote to keep the UK in the EU. Read Here.
  • The US relaunched its program to train Syrian rebels in March. The program that has cost over 400 million dollars has not even trained 100 fighter. The new fighters are being trained to call in US air strikes. Using air power has shown to do more harm than good in the Middle East. Read Here.
  • Thomas Sowell writes about the history of failures of affirmative action laws and the recent Supreme Court ruling on the topic. Read Here.

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