2016 Fyle


  • Hillary Clinton says she will not rule out challenging the results of the 2016 election in Russia involvement is deeper than she thought. [Link]


  • Hillary Clinton blames FBI Director Comey in part for her election loss to Trump. [Link]


Election Results 

  • Trump wins the presidency.
  • Republicans hold on the Senate and House majorities.
  • Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas passes medical marijuana.
  • Recreational marijuana passes in Calfornia, Massachusetts, and Nevada.


  • Hillary Clinton routinely had her maid print emails with classified information for her. [Link]
  • FBI Director Comey says in a letter to Congress that the new Clinton emails warrant no change in his recommendation to not charge Hillary Clinton. [Link]


  • The Clinton Foundation accepted a $1 million donation from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and failed to notify the State Department of the donation. [Link]


  • Wikileaks emails leaks reveal collusion between the Justice Department, the New York Times, and the Clinton Campaign. [Link]


  • Donna Brazile resigns from CNN after it is discovered she passed debate questions to Hillary Clinton. [Link]


  • The Justice Department gets a warrant to search email related to Hillary Clinton’s private server. The New York Times suspects no new emails will be found. [Link]


  • The FBI is once again looking into emails. The FBI Director sent a letter to Congres notifying them that new emails were found related to the case. [Link] The new emails were discovered while the FBI was investigating Anthony Wiener. [Link]
  • A tape from 2006 surfaces that has Hillary Clinton advocating for a rigged election in Palestine. [Link]


  • The State Department under Hillary Clinton approved $165 Billion in weapons sales to countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation. [Link]


  • A chart showing what topics were mentioned in the Presidential debates. [Link]


  • Billy Bush fired for the Trump Access Hollywood tape. [Link]


  • A GOP campaign office in North Carolina was firebombed. [Link]


  • How the US government is influencing the election. [Link]
  • Leaked emails show that Hillary Clinton wrote a letter against the BDS movement for Pro-Israel donors. This was to counter her support for the Iran Nuclear deal. [Link]


  • In April 2015, Hillary Clinton held an off the record cocktail party with several members of the media. [Link]


  • In leaked speeches, Hillary admits she is out of touch with the middle class. [Link]
  • GOP begins to redirect funding from Trump. The GOP will focus funds on down ballot candidates. [Link]


  • In the newest Wikileaks leak, excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to employees of big banks are being released. [Link] Donald Trump is also facing a scandal with the release of a tape of him making lewd statements. [Link]


  • In a possible violation of the Federal Ethics Code, Hillary Clinton set up contract meeting between The Pentagon and her daughters best friend. [Link]


  • Chick-fil-A held a voter registration drive in Florida. This has upset Florida Democrats who call the drive “disrespectful.” [Link]


  • The Commission on Presidential Debates has decided not to allow Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, into the presidential debates. [Link]


  • Hillary has a health scare while at a 9/11 memorial. Hillary was rushed out of the event, losing a shoe along the way. She was diagnosed by her doctor with phenomena. [Link]


  • Ben Swann looks into the debate moderators for the Presidential Debates. Three of the moderators have personal connections to the candidates. Two of the moderators have connections to the Clinton Family. Chris Wallace has a personal tie to Trump’s debate advisor. [Link]


  • Hillary Clinton will treat cyber attacks. “like any other attack.” This includes attacking a country militarily. There are a few problems she will encounter with this philosophy. The first problem is it is nearly impossible to be certain who actually is responsible for a hack. Another problem is the US government engages in similar “intelligence gathering” or hacking other countries. [Link]


  • Hillary Clinton is supported by the military arms industry by a 5-1 margin over Trump. Part of the support results from Clinton already having established connections to the military industrial complex. Hillary also more predictably favors military intervention. Hillary was the main advocate for the Libyan war that has lead to ISIS and Al-Qaeda establishing territory  in the country. [Link]


  • The FBI reports that hackers were able to access the election database of two different states. It is believed that the Illinois and Arizona election databases were hacked. This put the personal information of 200,000 voter at risk. [Link]


  • Trump opens campaign offices in Israel. They are hoping to identify votes with dual citizenship who are able to vote in US swing states. [Link]


  • Brexit champion, Nigel Farage, speak at a Trump rally this week. Frage said “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if she paid me.” [Link]
  • Hillary Clinton has received $10s of millions in donations through The Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Sunni States. These government’s poor human rights records. Women and people in the LGBTQ communities have nearly no rights in those states. The Client foundation focuses on these issues, making it unlikely that is the reason that The Clinton Foundation has received so much money from these states. [Link]


  • A Navy Sailor is sentenced to one year in jail for taking pictures on a classified submarine. His defence team had hoped that after Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted for mishandling classified information that their client would receive the same treatment. [Link]


  • In Serbia, Vice President Biden was protested by many people yelling support for Donald Trump. This is likely a response to Biden and the Clintons bombing Serbia during Bill Clinton’s Presidency. [Link]


  • Can you afford Hilary Clinton to become President? Here is a list of tax increased proposed by Hillary so far. [Link]
  • The Daily Caller reports that Hillary and The Clinton Foundation are under investigation again. The investigation centers around political corruption charges from the time Hillary was Sectary of State. [Link]


  • Donald Trump proposes to double Hillary’s promise to spend $275 Billion on infrastructure. Government works projects are often full of waste and avoid fixing real problems with American infrastructure. [Link]


  • Over the weekend, Trump said he supported that secession of Crimea. Crimea was once apart of Ukraine, but joined Russia after a landslide vote to leave. Hillary Clinton has been anti-Russia and a strong supporter of the US giving more support to Ukrainian Western Government. [Link]


  • Scott Horton and Jeffery Carr debunk the propaganda that we know Russia was behind the DNC hack. The evidence is lacking and Carr does a great job identifying the fallacies of the Russia did it argument. [Link]


  • Days after finding out that Hillary Clinton stole the election from him, Bernie Sanders nominates Hillary Clinton to be Democratic nominee. Many Bernie Sanders supports walked out of the convention after Hillary received enough votes to win the nomination. [Link]


  • Army General fears that Obama is rushing his offensive on Mosul, Iraq. Mosul is one of ISIS’s last strongholds in Iraq. Defeating ISIS in Iraq could help the democrats to be more appealing in the November election. [Link]
  • Hillary Clinton is now the favorite candidate of Neoconservatives. Trump has been somewhat skeptical about the use of regime change and US involvement in NATO. This is enough to push neoconservatives to the very hawkish Hillary Clinton. Neoconservative are famous for pushing pointless wars across the globe. It appears they have found their candidate. [Link]
  • Hours after being chased out of the DNC for rigging the election, Hillary Clinton has named Debbie Wasserman Schultz a honorary chair of her campaign. This has upset many Bernie Sanders supports, who are now disrupting the Democratic National Convention constantly. [Link]


  • The DNC is in hot water over the recent email leak. The leaked emails suggest that the DNC supported Hillary Clinton throughout the primary and looked to make sure Bernie Sanders did not win. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stepped down as a result. [Link]
  • In damage control mode, the DNC has blamed the hack on Russia and Donald Trump. The DNC has presented no evidence for this and appears to have none. This is very dangerous and irresponsible move by the DNC. Hacking is considered an act of war by NATO, and could lead to a push for NATO to attack Russia. [Link]


  • WikiLeaks leaked about 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee. WikiLeaks publishes all documents without an agenda to inform people of corruption. As journalist start to sift through the emails they are making finds damning to the party. Liked are the 9 biggest finds so far. [Link]


  • At the GOP convention the “Never Trump” crowd was able to make some noise, but that all they were able to do. They yelled and screamed at were able to disrupt the convention. They were unable to stop the Trump nomination. Read Here.
  • Neoconservatives pick Hillary over Trump. They do not see Trump as wanting war enough because Trump said he will listen to the Palestinian case and questioned the idea of regime change. Neocons see that Hillary is devoted to the idea of bombing whenever and where ever. Read Here.


  • Judge Naps breaks down the Clinton non indictment and why she is untrustworthy. Read Here.


  • Facebook is looking to shut down a pro liberty page to help Hillary Clinton. Read Here.
  • Gary Johnson will not be listed as a Libertarian on the Ohio ballot. Johnson will have to appear as an independent on the ballot, after the Ohio Libertarian Party decided it would be cheaper to get him on the ballot that way. Many states have strict ballot access laws to prevent any third party from making a real challenge to the establishment.  Read Here.


  • Hillary Clinton and murdering cops have something in common, they never go to jail for their crimes. This policy seems to be in effect for most state employees. They make the laws, they enforce the laws, so they do not have to follow the law. Read Here.


  • All you need to know about the non indictment of Hillary is in the FBI’s statement, link here.“To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions.” The FBI makes it clear in this statement that Hillary is not treated like the rest of us.


  • Wikileaks releases more than 1,000 Clinton emails on the Iraq war. The Wikileaks founder has promised he has enough of Clinton’s emails for an indictment. Read Here.


  • American media companies are now selling themselves at the DNC and GOP conventions. If you are an elite you can pay for interviews and influence. Some of the packages offered cost over $200,000.00. Read Here.