Todays News 6/10/16

  • Judge Naps tells us about potential issues for Obama created when he endorsed Hillary. Will The Presidents appointees prosecute The Presidents hand picked successor.  Watch here.
  • Oklahoma police are now taking civil asset forfeiture to the next level. They now carry machines that allow them to steal money off prepaid cards. Of course, if you can prove the money is illegitimately yours they will give it back. Learn more about OK police stomping on your right of innocent till proven guilty here.
  • After a terror attack in Israel, The Israel government is now collectively punishing the Palestinians.  Jason Ditz reports from, read here.
  • The UN is a worthless organization. Last week, The UN Chief removed Saudi Arabia from a list of countries that bomb children, schools, and hospitals. Throughout the Saudi war on the people of Yemen, Saudi bombs have hit hospitals and schools. The Saudi’s have also killed nearly 500 Yemeni children. The Saudi’s got themselves off this list by blackmailing the UN. Read here. 
  • Clinton’s failures in South Sudan shows why she is unqualified to lead this country. Thanks to The Intercept for exposing even more Hillary corruption, Read it here.  

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