News Roundup 2/21/18

  • Lt. Col. Daniel Davis explains how the military spending is hurting the economy. [Link]
  • The US adds a second Navy ship to the Black Sea as a show of force to Russia. [Link]
  • France supports the Iran Nuclear Agreement as written. [Link]
  • The Washington Post looks at the Afghans who clean up from the US war. [Link]
  • The Afghan government claims to have killed 28 militants. [Link] The Taliban kill at least eight Afghan Police. [Link]
  • Forces allied to Assad enter Afrin in support of the YPG. [Link]
  • US weapons, provided to Syrian rebels, are appearing on jihadist black markets. [Link]
  • Syrian airstrikes have killed 250 civilians in the past 48 hours. [Link]
  • The evidence is mounting that Saudi Arabia is targeting civilian infrastructure in Yemen. [Link]
  • Peru’s president rejects calls for him to resign. [Link]

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News Roundup 2/20/18

  • A Baltimore jury awards $37 million to the family of a woman murdered by Baltimore police. [Link] Baltimore ranked first in homicides per capita in 2017. [Link]
  • South Korea’s President says the Olympics have eased tensions with North Korea. [Link]
  • At least 17 people have been killed in a garbage pile collapse in Mozambique. [Link]
  • At least 18 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Nigeria. Boko Haram is suspected to have carried out the attack [Link]
  • Mehdi Hasan blowback series on blowback covers Israel and Hamas. [Link]
  • Two Afghan Governors are refusing requests from the Afghan President to step down. [Link]
  • Nearly 100 people have been killed by Syrian bombing rebel-held areas near Damascus. [Link]
  • Israel is arming at least seven Syrian rebel groups. [Link]
  • ISIS ambushes and kills 27 members of the Iraqi Shi’ite militia. [Link]
  • The Brazilian Army has been deployed to Rio De Janeiro to restore order. [Link]


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News Roundup 2/19/18

  • Mitt Romney will run for Senate in Utah. [Link]
  • The US government created the opioid crisis. [Link]
  • The Muller investigation indicts 13 Russian nationals. [Link] Moon of Alabama responds to the indictment. [Link]
  • National Security Advisor McMaster says Russia meddled in the election. [Link]
  • Conn Hallinan explains how Russia and China are not “great power” threats to the US. [Link]
  • James Bovard explains why George W Bush is still an awful president. [Link]
  • The Intercept looks at the politics around the US drone base being built in Niger. [Link]
  • Four Israeli soldiers were injured by a bomb blast in Gaza. [Link] In response, the Israelis have started to bomb alleged Hamas positions in Gaza. At least two civilians have been killed. [Link]
  • Turkey’s High Court is being overruled by lower courts loyal to Turkey’s President Erdogan. [Link]
  • The Afghan government rejects the Taliban’s offer for peace talks. [Link]
  • The US used 321 bombs in Afghanistan in January. [Link]
  • The US coalition used less than 500 bombs in Iraq and Syria in January. [Link]
  • An American, who surrendered to SDF forces in Syria, is being held under the 2002 AUMF. [Link]
  • Turkey and the US agree to not attack each other in Manbij. [Link]
  • The YPG is reporting that they have reached a deal with the Syrian Army. In the deal, the Syrian Army will take border positions in Afrin to defend against Turkey. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama debunks the most recent claims that Assad is using chlorine gas. [Link]
  • An Emirati serviceman was killed in Yemen. [Link]
  • The US carries out drone strikes in support of Yemeni government troop’s operation against AQAP. [Link]

Will Porter returns to Foreign Policy Focus to discuss the new indictments by the Mueller Probe. Will and Kyle debunk the lies that surround the claim “Russia hacked the election.” We break down the responses to the new incidents by Leon Panetta, Rachel Maddow, Brian WilliamsTucker Carlson, Chris Hayes, Peter van Buren, and Rob ReinerWe also look at possible future of the Russiagate story. LISTEN HERE!!

News Roundup 2/16/18

  • The State Department Spokeswoman says she will be surprised if the US does not add new sanctions on Russia. [Link]
  • The US senior diplomat to Asia says the US has no planned “bloody nose” strike on North Korea. [Link]
  • The US will waste billions of dollars upgrading purposeless nuclear weapons in Europe. [Link]
  • The CIA claims it can disclose classified information to selected journalists in response to FOIA requests. [Link]
  • Rex Tillerson met with Turkey’s president and foreign minister. [Link]
  • A UN report shows US airstrikes in Afghanistan killed 295 civilians in 2017. [Link]
  • Russia says five of its civilian contractors were killed fighting for Assad in Syria. The contractors were killed in US coalition attacks. [Link]
  • Cyril Ramaphosa is elected as South Africa’s new president. [Link]

On FPF #156, I discuss the peace process in Korea and Afghanistan. On the Scott Horton Show, Peter van Buren explained why there was a reason to be optimistic about the hope for peace in Korea. The Taliban have offered to have peace talks with the US. I also update SyriaZimbabweSouth Africa, and Iraq. LISTEN HERE

News Roundup 2/15/18

  • A St. Louis police officer is facing charges for forcing the victim of a crime to perform oral sex on him. [Link]
  • Frannie Mae will require $3.7 billion from the Treasury. [Link]
  • Mehdi Hasan blowback series Ep 4. [Link]
  • Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says North Korea is an extensional threat to the US and the US is fast approaching decision time on North Korea. [Link] Daniel Larison explains why Coats is wrong. [Link]
  • The Dutch foreign minister resigns after admitting he lied about overhearing Putin plotting to expand Russia. [Link]
  • The Israel persecution of Ahed Tamimi is making her into a hero. [Link]
  • The Taliban issued an open letter calling for peace talks. [Link]
  • The US reports there were over 10,000 civilian casualties in Afghanistan in 2017. [Link]
  • In Syria, the US has attacked Assad forces twice in the past week. On both occasions, the US claims it was in self-defense. [Link]
  • The Saudi coalition kills 6 Yemen civilians with airstrikes. [Link]
  • Jacob Zuma steps down as the President of South Africa. [Link]
  • The leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition party dies of cancer at 65. [Link]
  • Tillerson and Rubio suggest there should be a military coup in Venezuela. [Link]


News Roundup 2/14/18

  • Trump is unconvinced that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. [Link]
  • US Intelligence Agencies claim Russia will try to meddle in 2018 elections. [Link]
  • Berkeley votes to become a marijuana sanctuary city. [Link]
  • Philippines President Duarte suggests his soldiers should shoot women in their genitals. [Link]
  • The Afghan Army announces a plan to push 2,200 older officers to retire. [Link]
  • A US drone destroyed a tank operated by Russian mercenaries in the Feb. 7th attack. [Link] Scores of Russians were possibly killed in the attack. [Link]
  • Trump’s 2019 budget calls for $550 million to support the YPG in Syria. Turkey says the US support for the YPG does not change their plans. [Link]
  • Iraq will need $88 billion to rebuild from the ISIS War. [Link]

On FPF #155, I breakdown Senator Rand Paul’s interview on Fox News. Senator Paul takes advantage of the government budget process to call out American’s 7 wars, the huge Defense budget, and the futility of American Interventionism. I discuss Mike Pence’s statement on North Korea. I also update the Afghanistan War, the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton, and the Syrian Civil War. LISTEN HERE!!

News Roundup 2/13/18

  • An Oklahoma judge gave a woman a lenient jail sentence because she sterilized herself. [Link]
  • Trump introduces a $4.4 trillion budget. The budget includes a $1.4 trillion in infrastructure spending. [Link] Trump also plans to expand the US nuclear weapons arsenal. [Link]
  • VP Mike Pence on North Korea, “If you want to talk, we’ll talk.” [Link]
  • Justin Raimondo explains how Mattis is pushing Trump to keep troops in Afghanistan and Somalia. [Link]
  • Trump says he is “not sure if Israel truly wants peace.” [Link]
  • An Israeli Member of Parliment introduced a bill that would effectively annex the West Bank. [Link] Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu lied and said he was discussing the annexation with Trump to delay the Parliment from pushing forward with the bill. The US announced that Trump was not in talks with Israel about annexing the West Bank. [Link]
  • In Somalia, al-Shabaab is stealing aid money given to displaced people by the UN through taxes. [Link]
  • A mayor in Mali was freed after being held by militants for three weeks. [Link]
  • The US now bombing Uighurs in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Riyadh Ritz-Carlton reopens after the Saudi Crown Prince used the hotel as a prison. [Link]
  • At least 31 Turkish troops have been killed in Operation Olive Branch. [Link]
  • Russian mercenaries among 100 killed by a US coalition airstrike in Syria on Feb. 7th. [Link]
  • 500 civilians killed or injured in Raqqa by ISIS mines since the SDF forced ISIS from the city. [Link]
  • Venezuela oil production down 20% from a year ago according to an OPEC report. [Link]

News Roundup 2/12/18

  • A sheriff ordered deputies to “take out” an unarmed man. The deputies later murdered the man. [Link]
  • Former Kentucky district judge pleas guilty to human trafficking charges. [Link]
  • Trump aide, Rob Porter, resigns after his history of domestic abuse is revealed. Both of Porter’s ex-wives told the FBI that Porter abused them. [Link] White House Chief of Staff John Kelley offers to step down for his role in the scandal. [Link]
  • The US has armed Persian Gulf patrol boats with laser-guided missiles. [Link]
  • 71 people have been killed in plane crash in Russia. [Link]
  • Kim Jung Un invites South Korea’s president to talks. [Link]
  • The US carried out several drone strikes in Pakistan targeting the Pakistani Taliban. [Link] Pakistan Fyle
  • Senator Rand Paul says it’s time to come home from Afghanistan. [Link] The Taliban have invited Rand Paul to peace talks. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • An Afghan governor is rejecting government voter ID card because it labels him as an ‘Afghan.’ [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • Israel claims an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace. Israel downed the drone and carried out heavy airstrikes in Syria. Syria was able to shoot down one F-16I involved in the attack. Both pilots survived. [Link] US State Department issues a statement supporting Israel’s actions. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Syrian Kurds down a Turkey helicopter over Afrin. [Link] Assad is allowing the Syrian Kurds to reinforce Afrin. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Daniel McAdams responds to the US attack on Assad allied forces. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Mattis admits that the US has no evidence Assad used chemical weapons. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Human Rights Watch accuses the Iraqi Kurds of carrying out mass executions against alleged IS fighters in mid-2017. [Link]

On FPF #154, I discuss the Olympics and Syria. The Koreans entered the games under a unified flag. Mike Pence and Kim Yo-jong have received a lot of attention for their appearance at the opening ceremony. John Bolton claims the sanctions against North Korea have failed and its time for the US to make “hard choices.” Kim Jung Un has offered to have talks with South Korea’s President.

In Syria, the Syrian Army downed an Israel F-16. Mike Huckabee responded by saying all North Koreans and Iranians are evil.Turkey continues to push into Afrin. I also break down a speech by Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on her Syria policy. LISTEN HERE!!

News Roundup 2/9/18

  • Rand Paul oped on Trump’s military parade. [Link]
  • Rohingya are reporting that the Myanmar government is restricting the Rohingya from food. [Link]
  • South Korea is seeking UN permission to allow North Korean officials to come to the Winter Olympics. [Link]
  • UN sanctions prevent the North Korean hockey team from buying sticks and jerseys. [Link]
  • The US dropped a record 24 precision-guided bombs in 96 hours on the Taliban. [Link]
  • The US is now bombing the Chinese Uighurs in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • US coalition airstrikes kill about 100 Assad allied troops in eastern Syria. The US claims the Syrian allied troops attacked SDF positions. [Link] Daniel Larison gives analysis. [Link]
  • In Afrin, Turkish forces bomb a school and water treatment plant. [Link]
  • The Syrian government deploys anti-aircraft able to defend Afrin airspace. [Link] Moon of Alabama on Turkish progress in Operation Olive Branch. [Link]
  • Venezuelan presidential elections are scheduled for April 22. [Link]

Correction: Yesterday I posted that the FDA made Kratom illegal, the FDA only labeled Kratom as an opioid.  

On FPF #153, I discuss Trump’s plan to have a military parade. The Left reacted in a hysteria, claiming Trump is now a dictator. However, this ignores that past presidents have given Trump dictatorial powers. Bush tortured people, Obama had secrete kill lists, both presidents waged endless and unauthorized wars. I also update Operation Olive Branch, Syrian allied troops being killed by the US, and the war in Yemen. LISTEN HERE!!

News Roundup 2/8/18

  • US politicians have a history of using the military for propaganda. [Link]
  • The FDA makes Kratom illegal. [Link]
  • Senate leadership announce a bi-partisan budget agreement. [Link]
  • Ray McGovern and Tom Woods breakdown the importance of the Nunes Memo. [Link] Dan McAdams and James Bovard on the Nunes Memo. [Link]
  • SEAL Team 6 is under broad investigation after Green Beret was killed in Mali. [Link]
  • US Abrams tanks that were given to the Iraqi government, and worth $80 million, now belong to Iranian backed militias. [Link]
  • Syria accuses Israel of carrying out airstrikes outside of Damascus. The Syrians say the Israelis used Lebanese airspace. Syria claims to have intercepted the missiles. [Link]
  • US Army Lt Gen. Paul E. Funk tells reports in Manbij that US troops will remain in the city. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn explains how Turkey using former ISIS fighters in an anti-Kurdish militia. [Link]
  • CENTCOM says pro-Assad forces attacked the US-backed SDF. [Link]
  • 47,000 Yemeni have become displaced from the war in Yemen since December. [Link]